WRPD. Automotive Film Swatch
WRPD. Automotive Film Swatch
WRPD. Automotive Film Swatch
WRPD. Automotive Film Swatch
WRPD. Automotive Film Swatch
WRPD. Automotive Film Swatch
WRPD. Automotive Film Swatch

WRPD. Automotive Film Swatch

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Our Automotive Films have been put together in a stylish swatch and available for purchase.

Our patterns range from our popular carbon fibre weaves to camo patterns and more.

WRPD. Automotive Film.

This popular cast vehicle wrapping film offers a superior carbon fibre look to those on the market. Whether you're an automotive enthusiast looking to upgrade your ride or a creative individual seeking a unique way to customise your possessions, this film is the perfect choice.

Its realistic finish and excellent conformability makes this film the number one choice for many installers and wrapping companies both in the UK & overseas.

This film is produced on an industry leading 3M or Oracal 970 base films at widths of 1.5m and 1.37m - (3M only) with max length of 5m.

Check out some example Installations here.

Key Features.

  • Air release film
  • High Gloss or Satin over-laminate choice
  • Premium Multi-layered cast PVC
  • Upto 6 year life span
  • Double sided PE coated release liner, one side siliconised, 143 g/m²
  • Re-positionable adhesive 

Constructed with premium quality materials, our wrapping film provides exceptional durability and longevity. It offers superior resistance to scratches, UV rays, and other environmental factors, ensuring your investment remains pristine for years to come. The film also acts as a protective barrier, shielding the underlying surface from everyday wear and tear, while maintaining its eye-catching appearance.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and ease of installation, our Carbon Fibre Wrapping Film offers versatility like no other. You can wrap anything from small interior trims and exterior panels to larger surfaces, such as bonnets, car roofs, or entire vehicles. Unleash your creativity and transform any ordinary object into a head-turning carbon  masterpiece.


Carefully inspect your carbon film for visible defects before application. Please contact us if any defects are detected and do not use the film, as we cannot process claims of pre-application defects once the material has been processed in any way.

  • Clean all surfaces to which the film is to be applied with a specialist pre-wrap surface cleaner. Do not use spirits. Make sure that any remaining detergents are thoroughly and completely removed.
  • The car must be completely clean and dry when applying the film.
  • Only apply in temperatures > +15° C
  • Carefully remove all elements that obstruct the application (e.g. outside mirrors, door handles, trims, windscreen wipers etc.).
  • Inspect all surfaces and edges for residual preservation wax or polish. Any residues must only be removed with a silicone-free citrus-based industrial detergent. Surfaces with more stubborn stains can be cleaned additionally with a commercially available insect or tar remover.
  • Never apply detergents that use nanotechnology to establish nano-sealing or nano-coating on the surface to be cleaned. Please observe manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Make sure that the surfaces, edges, corrugations, hollows and joints of the vehicle are completely dry. Carefully remove remaining humidity under rubber seals.
  • Only install using specialist tools designed for vinyl wrap installation. Never use a squeegee without a felt pad, as this can cause scratching to the high gloss/satin laminate. 
  • Post heat to no more than 93 degrees celcius.